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To Have And To


You adore your wedding photos, but flicking through hundreds of images just isn’t replicating the magic you felt on your special day. Here, Bhria Vellnagel speaks with Amanda Crocetti, owner and principle photographer at We Are Twine, about how to create a show-stopping wedding album.

Image Credit: We Are Twine

From the heartfelt image of your father walking you down the aisle, to the very last photo of you and your partner leaving the reception as newlyweds, a great wedding album will not only display these moments, but also help you recall the unique story of your special day long after your own memories have faded.

Living in a digital age where almost every aspect of your life is shared on social media, many couples are favouring classic wedding albums to preserve the intimate moments of their big day. Here, Queensland Wedding & Bride sets out to discover the details behind this book of love.

Through The Lens

Crocetti describes wedding albums as personal keepsakes and believes they are an experience worth investing in. “Not many couples look through their digital files; they’re more likely to turn the pages of a beautiful album to relive their wedding,” she says.

If you’ve decided prior to the wedding that you want to capture your memories in an album, it’s important to discuss any particular shots you have in mind with your photographer. “The photographer has had the connection with you on the day and can best tell your story by providing an inside perspective,” Crocetti says. “If they offer a wedding album service, I would highly recommend staying with them.”

While it’s important to find a photographer you love, it’s worthwhile to research the types of albums they’ve previously compiled to ensure
you’ll receive your desired result. “When selecting your photographer, [be sure to] view their album range beforehand to make sure you can visualise your wedding day in the style they offer,” Crocetti says.

The Perfect Filter

After the wedding, you’ll have the difficult job of sorting through hundreds of photos to find the special few that’ll appear in your wedding album. Crocetti suggests selecting 20 images for each significant event to ensure there’ll be an even spread of images throughout the book. “For example, separate each area into groups

including groom and bridal preparation, ceremony, family photos, location shots, and the reception,” she says.

If you’re overwhelmed by the number of images, many newlyweds will often entrust their photographer to choose for them. With a Diploma of Visual Communication and Photo Imaging, and almost 10 years of experience in capturing weddings, Crocetti has a wealth of experience in the industry. “I find clients put off creating their own album and rarely have time to complete the task, which is why I always offer the option [for] me to choose for them,” Crocetti says.

On Display

All of your hard work won’t just be for the album – you can also purchase large prints to showcase around your home. Crocetti says images printed on professional photo paper in a matte finish are extremely popular. For a more modern aesthetic, she recommends Lumi Tiles, which allows couples to have certain photos set in stylish acrylic tiles. “These modern, freestanding acrylic photo blocks offer a beautiful 3D effect,” she says.

Finshing Touches

Once you’ve chosen all of your images, you’ll need to work with your photographer to organise the perfect order. “I design the layout [and then] send through an online link for the couple to make changes,” Crocetti says. “I find this method very effective as the couple doesn’t have to sit with me for hours designing the album.”


To ensure your album makes sense to you long after your memories of the day have faded, it’s best to place your photos in chronological order. Crocetti mentions that the most important aspect in creating a beautiful wedding album is to display key events from throughout the day. “The perfect wedding album is where the images tell the story and where the layouts are simple and clean,” she says. “Having only a small variety of layouts is best, [as it] keeps each event sequence reflective of each other.”

Delightful Details

To perfectly display the love and excitement of your big day, Crocetti suggests having your favourite moments displayed in a landscape shot across two pages. “Emotive images and candid moments are also wonderful to showcase [in this way],” she says.

The Hue Of You

While it’s not necessary to give your album a theme, many couples will choose a consistent tone that reflects the colours used at the wedding, or to create cohesion throughout the book. “Each couple is different,” Crocetti says. “Some clients prefer emotive and candid images, while others opt for more arty photographs. I would, however, steer clear of images that are similar to each other.” Crocetti says her favourite albums include classic monochromatic photography. “If [you] prefer black-and-white photos, I would recommend selecting more of those [for your wedding album],” she advises. “I aim to have the colour and black-and-white images separated to create a layout that’s more pleasing to the eye.”

Bound To Last

To ensure your album will stand the test of time, you’ll need to ensure it has a long-lasting binding and a visually appealing cover. We Are Twine uses flat-lay binding and thick archival paper for all of its wedding albums. “There is a solid white card between the pages to make them thicker and more durable, [which makes] the album more robust than others. The genuine pigment inks [display] beautifully on this type of paper,” Crocetti says.

From classic hardback albums to soft fabric and leather books, there are countless options to choose from to complement your desired aesthetic. For a personal touch, add your favourite photo or include loving messages and advice from your nearest and dearest on the cover.

Finally, when it comes to choosing images, Crocetti reminds couples that a wedding album should evoke “warm and fuzzy feelings”. By staying true to your preferred styles and enlisting the help of a professional, your wedding album will be an amazing compilation that you’ll be eager to flick through time and again.