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You’ve fallen head over heels with the understated elegance of a classic wedding, but how do you recreate this refined aesthetic for your special day? Bhria Vellnagel speaks with Zoe Robinson, the event coordinator at Links Hope Island Golf Club, about the many elements that lend to this timeless theme.

Image Credit: Corné & Lara Photography

With a touch of sophistication, a hint of tradition and a splash of love, your wedding day will be the all-encompassing classic experience you’ve always dreamed of. Read ahead as Queensland Wedding & Bride discovers how appeasing the five senses will deliver the perfect mixture of elegance and romance for your special day.

A Sight To Behold

The best place to begin when planning a classic wedding is to choose a venue that showcases romantic elements, such as a beautifully manicured garden, historic architecture, or peaceful flowing water. “The location should not need many decorations to make it look beautiful,” Robinson says.

The perfect place to host a traditional ceremony is at a beautiful stone chapel, while a large ballroom is ideal for a sophisticated reception – it’s important that your choice of venue matches your elegant theme. “It would not be a great idea to have a black-tie wedding on the beach in the tropics,” Robinson explains.

Light It Up

A romantic atmosphere can easily be achieved in your reception space by incorporating the right type of lighting. “Warm lighting helps to create a gentle and welcoming setting,” Robinson says. “A romantic dinner for two is not usually held in a bright room, so be sure to carry that sentiment over to your reception venue.”

If your venue’s lighting is overly bright or doesn’t quite meet your vision, don’t be afraid to include your own floating lanterns or fairy lights. “Candles, candles and more candles!” Robinson suggests. As most venues won’t allow open flames, opt instead for LED candles in elegant holders for a safe yet effective alternative.

Stop And Smell The Roses

A subtle and stylish way to decorate your chosen venue is with beautiful floral arrangements. From table garlands to cascading arrangements, flowers can have an immense impact on the look and feel of your ceremony and reception.

Roses are by far the most requested flowers for wedding bouquets and decorations as they’re widely known as the symbol of love. A tightly bound bouquet of white roses and a sprinkle of petals down the aisle will ensure a classic result is achieved. “Roses are the ultimate floral expression of romance – a timeless tradition that still applies today,” Robinson says.

A Touch Of Luxury

To match your romantic floral arrangements, adorn your reception tables with luxuriously soft tablecloths and matching napkins. Not only will this give your guests a sophisticated dining experience, but it will also enhance the overall aesthetic of the table.

Tantalise Your Tastebuds

A sit-down, three-course meal is commonplace for classic wedding receptions. By incorporating modern and artistically presented dishes, you’ll create an impressive spread that everyone will enjoy. “A sit-down plated meal [is ideal] for a classically themed wedding,” Robinson says. “It’s great for guests to be able to relax [and] be spoilt.”

Long benches in lieu of traditional round tables are also in vogue, but Robinson advises against these seating arrangements when opting for a classic aesthetic. “Guests can see everyone on [a round] table, which can encourage conversation with people other than just the person next to or opposite [them],” she says.

If you prefer a cocktail-style occasion, you can maintain a sophisticated atmosphere by opting for delightful grazing stations with modern finger food. No matter your choice of spread, as long as the result is delicious and beautifully presented, it’ll have the desired effect.

For dessert, a traditional three-tiered wedding cake with flawless white fondant is a safe choice. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate trending styles like sugar flowers or metallic fondant, as these will add a touch of modern elegance to your reception.

Music To My Ears

The type of music played at your ceremony and reception can immensely influence your guests’ mood. For your ceremony, Robinson suggests choosing songs that have deep sentimental meaning to you and your partner. “This is the most intimate part of the wedding and will set the tone for the celebrations to come,” she says. “While the music should match your theme, it’s your choice and it will be classic to you!”

A string quartet is a popular choice for wedding ceremonies. However, if violins aren’t striking the right chord, there are many other classic options available, such as tranquil harps, acoustic guitars, and melodic flutes.

For your reception, it’s best to choose a band that your guests can boogie down to without sacrificing your hard-earned aesthetic, such as a swanky jazz trio. “It’s a great idea to have more up-tempo music either through a DJ or band for the reception,” Robinson says. “It’s such a happy occasion, and the most important thing is to tailor the music to reflect you and your guests’ [excitement].”

I Take Thee At Thy Word

While music is crucial for maintaining a romantic and fun atmosphere, it’s also equally as important to include time for your nearest and dearest to announce their well wishes. “One of the best ways to show and share your love is through words,” Robinson says. “Personal vows and speeches are the best ways to achieve this.”

One of Robinson’s most memorable weddings wasn’t remembered for the décor selection or setting, but by the words and actions of the bridal party. “The groom completed his speech and asked his wife to join him for their first dance, which was much [more romantic] than having the MC introduce them,” she says.

From beautiful lighting to the perfect bouquet, a classic wedding can easily be achieved by addressing all five of the senses with elegance and style. However, to ensure your day mirrors the love shared between you and your partner, Robinson imparts some final words of advice. “Romance isn’t always about physical things; it can be a gesture or something spoken,” she says. As we know, acts of love and kindness really are timeless.