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Me Up

Personalised signs are trending, and for good reason. From using them as a means of easy, stylish communication to direct your guests, to a great backdrop for photos, bespoke signage has a lot to offer. With the help of Chris Fernando, owner of The Big Light Letter Co., Lucy Mackey explores different styles and materials for your bespoke wedding signage.

Image Credit: We Are Twine

W hat do you absolutely need when you gather all your closest friends and family in one place? A sign to tell them where to go! From the moment they arrive, your guests need direction and guidance as to whether they should sit on the left or the right of the altar, are to go upstairs or down a certain path, and with a little forethought you’ll be able to assist them even when you’re not around!

Good signage will help your wedding run smoothly, especially if you have a large venue, or elements for your guests to interact with – like a photo booth, or an outdoor game to play. Signs are a must, but they don’t have to be merely functional. “More couples are wanting their signage to have impact rather than blend into the background,” Fernando says. With personalised signs, you can complement the style of your wedding, put your own stamp on the venue, and express your personality.

From Start To Finish 

Using personalised signage will create structure in your wedding program. From a welcome board to greet your guests and lead them to their seats at the ceremony, to a notice inviting them to take a bomboniere as they leave, selecting the style of your signs is an important decision as they’re among the first and last things your guests will encounter. “When your guests arrive, you want them to be welcomed into your wedding,” Fernando says. This might be a loud, dramatic piece, or something more artistic that really sets the tone; sleek acrylic styles can further a chic aesthetic, while materials like wood, calico and twine are charmingly rustic.

Fernando suggests deciding on your venue before you select anything. Your venue manager will be able to identify key places to include a sign, and what the lighting will be like in different areas. “Stick with a colour theme and use space wisely rather than clustering signage too close together,” Fernando advises.

The Essentials 

Next, anticipate the inevitable questions that your guests are bound to ask, such as ‘where’s the bar, buffet and bathroom?’ “If your venue is on the larger side, you want to save your guests from going into places they aren’t meant to be in,” Fernando says.

Fernando also suggests a focal sign that stands out and makes an impact, or defines a particular area like the bar or the dancefloor. “But remember, you don’t need to fill every gap you see. One of the most common mistakes is signage that’s too busy and leaves the guests confused,” Fernando says. “The best signage is impactful, yet easy to read.”

It’s also important to include food signage. Fernando advises couples to clearly label dishes so that your guests can avoid the unfortunate consequences of guessing the ingredients! By personalising these useful types of signs, you can continue your chosen aesthetic throughout the venue, while ensuring the program runs smoothly. Your guests will feel far more comfortable if they don’t have to make assumptions, and it will also save you and your bridal party from fielding questions all day! If you’ve got a social media tag for the day, you can also display it so your guests won’t forget to use it!

Let There Be Light 

Giant light-up letters are taking over social media, and look fantastic at any wedding! As most companies offer a whole alphabet to choose from, your options are only limited by your imagination. Whether you want your initials, the classic ‘Mr & Mrs’, or a word that has special significance to you as a couple, light-up letters make a stunning addition to your wedding and look amazing in photos. It’s always best to book ahead, especially if you’re looking for popular combinations of letters; at The Big Light Letter Co., all you need is a small deposit to secure your word of choice. “Another key bit of advice is to make sure you ask for photos of the letters before hiring. There are some horror stories of couples getting some pretty bad DIY attempts,” Fernando says.

In Focus

 “Couples are moving away from options like generic flower wall backdrops and towards signage that not only becomes a focal point but has a personal element,” Fernando says. If this sounds like you, consider a personalised backdrop with your initials and the date of your nuptials for guests to take photos in front of. Usually printed on canvas, backdrops can be hung against a wall, on a frame, or even over a handy tree branch. Light-up letters also make for a fantastic backdrop.

Fernando suggests that if you want to use them for photos, place them somewhere away from foot traffic, and if it’s nighttime, make sure there is an external light facing them so your guests are illuminated, too.

See The Sign 

As you’ll need countless small signs to highlight table numbers, the guest book, the bowl of lollies set out by the door, or the basket of necessities near the bathrooms, laser-cutting is a good option. Increasingly easy and affordable, laser-cut signs are made from thin sheets of acrylic or wood (usually a few millimetres thick) and all you need to do is pick a font, colour and the text you wish to print. Laser-cut place cards add a personal touch, and guests love to take them away as a souvenir at the end.

A wooden sign will suit almost any aesthetic, and afterwards, you can take it home for a unique reminder of your wedding. Carved, polished and painted wood has a classic elegance, and many couples are choosing to use a sign that later becomes a beautiful feature hung among their wedding photos at home. Propped on an easel, it’s also a great element in photographs on the day.

Wall decals are among the latest trends in home decoration, and they also make for a creative way to style your wedding. Vinyl decals or clings are easily applied to any glass or glossy surface, and they’re simple to set up and take off at the end of the day. But of course, make sure to check with your venue first! They are also perfect for the getaway car. Instead of a poster that’s bound to fall off, try a personalised cling on the back window to announce to everyone that you’re newlyweds.

Your Style 

Customised signs will say exactly what you want them to say, and look just how you want them to look, saving you from compromising with premade versions that aren’t quite right. There are many services in Melbourne that produce quality products to your specifications, and if you’re craftily inclined, there is a lot you can do with a few tools and simple materials. It’s the small elements that tie a style together, and with bespoke signs, you’ll really be able to express yours. Fernando leaves you with one last piece of advice; “when it comes to your big day, you want signage that is as unique as you are.”