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Ready, Set,


Getting married is a beautiful declaration, and with all eyes on you, it’s important to put your best face forward. With advice from Darlene O’Gara, national training manager at Australian Skin Clinics, Annie Slevison weighs in on how to prepare your skin for your wedding day.

Image Credit: Ben Clark Photography

Organising your wedding can be a whirlwind of emotions. Every detail requires your utmost attention and planning, and your skincare routine is no different. Here, Queensland Wedding & Bride shares some industry tips and tricks on how to improve your complexion and boost hydration in the lead up to your nuptials.

Just My Type

In the pursuit of a healthy and glowing complexion for your wedding day, it’s important to know your skin type. Dry and dehydrated skin requires different treatments compared to oily and acne-prone skin, and using the correct products will ensure your face receives the tender loving care it’s been longing for.

If your skin is lacking moisture, O’Gara suggests using a combination of methods to achieve a brighter complexion. “Skin peels are a great way to remove the dead surface layers of skin,” she says. “Exfoliating at home is also an option; microdermabrasion treatments are a fantastic solution for combatting dry skin and can make a significant difference to your complexion.”

For a flawless result, O’Gara suggests having the procedure done by a qualified and experienced dermal technician. The team at Australian Skin Clinics offer high-performance microdermabrasion treatments that include two peels, which is ideal for achieving that pre-wedding glow.

When it comes to oily and acne-prone skin, O’Gara explains that using a combination of professional consultations and at-home care
will entirely transform the look and feel of your skin. “Dermal technicians focus on fighting the root cause of breakouts,” she says. “[They combine] in-clinic treatments with home-care recommendations to accelerate visible results and help regain control of your skin.” Further, O’Gara suggests using products that are specifically designed to manage oily and acne-prone skin.

With so many skincare brands available, finding the right one is usually a case of trial and error. For a product that is suitable with most skin types,

O’Gara highly recommends Balense. “[The brand] uses a simple four-step system of cleansing, boosting, hydrating and protecting [to ensure] every skin type is nourished through the use of specialty cleansers, exfoliators, serums, moisturisers and sun protection products,” she says.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are seeking a radiant pre-wedding glow, developing a solid skincare routine is the perfect place to start. O’Gara says brides-to-be should never underestimate the power of a well-executed habit and the wonders it can do for your complexion. “Make sure you follow your at-home skincare routine as prescribed by your dermal therapist, and cleanse, boost, hydrate and protect your skin with active skincare products,” she says. “This will help prevent any last-minute breakouts or dryness.” If you are new to the skincare game, getting into a habit can be daunting at first. However, O’Gara’s simple steps below will assist you in kick-starting your pre-wedding skincare routine.


“Cleansing is the most important step in your home skincare routine. Every day your skin is exposed to dirt, environmental pollutants and the build-up of dead skin cells, and removing these should be the priority, no matter your skin type,” she says.


“Whether it’s wrinkles, acne-prone skin, redness, age spots, oily T-zones or freckles, we’ve all got something that we’d like to improve when it comes to our skin,” O’Hara says. “Choosing the right product to enhance your complexion is as simple as knowing what you want to fix.”


“There’s a reason we’re encouraged to drink two litres of water a day,” she says. “Hydration is just as important for your skin as it is for your nutrition and health. Healthy skin is activated by

water, and prolonging skin hydration is the ultimate key to fighting against an ageing appearance.”


Finally, O’Hara stresses the importance of wearing a high-quality sunscreen every day in the lead up to your wedding. “The foundation to any good skincare routine is ensuring UV protection, and I recommend Balense UV Defiance SPF 50+,” she adds. “The non-sticky, everyday protection is perfect on its own or under makeup.”

Let’s Get Clinical

O’Gara also says receiving regular clinical treatment can help further the expected results of your at-home skincare routine. “Australian Skin Clinics offers complimentary consultations to get you started,” she says. “[The team will] assess your individual skin concerns and tailor a bridal treatment plan to suit your needs and budget.” With monthly high-performance microdermabrasion treatments available, you can deeply exfoliate your skin, while also preparing it to look its absolute best for your wedding day. “This invigorating treatment
gently removes dead skin cells on the surface, unclogs pores, and leaves your skin clean, clear, bright and purified,” she says.

Preparing your skin takes time and diligence, particularly if you have problem areas or specific issues you want to address. O’Gara explains that it’s important to start treatment in advance for optimum results. “I recommend visiting a dermal therapist at least 12 months prior to [the wedding day], especially if you experience acne, pigmentation or redness,” she says. “This will allow enough time to implement a treatment plan that will have your skin looking top-notch as you glide down the aisle.”

Your wedding day is a treasured celebration, so take the time to properly prepare your skin in the lead up to the big day. Finally, ensure you let your rosy cheeks, gleaming smile and glowing complexion exude the love and happiness that fills the occasion!