Image Credit: Simply Divine Occasions

Metallic Is The New Black

If you’re yearning for a cake that will induce future nostalgia, opting for a metallic look will ensure a culinary masterpiece that you’ll fondly reflect on for years to come. Simi West speaks with Natasha Fraser, owner and head artisan of Simply Divine Occasions, about how to incorporate metallic decorations into your wedding cake for a flawless, sophisticated finish.

Image Credit: Simply Divine Occasions

Many of us have the fervour to label ourselves ‘food connoisseurs’, but when faced with the difficult decision of choosing a wedding cake, there are a litany of colours, flavours and styles to choose from. Fraser began her venture into the wonderful world of cake by pursuing her passion for creating delicious works of art and bringing couples’ visions to life. “I love to create delicious flavour combinations,” Fraser says. “The worst thing is to have a stunning cake that tastes subpar!”

A Little Lustre

Metallic cakes have stepped into the limelight, due to their modern guise and aesthetic of opulence. You could opt for a simple design, with classic colours like gold or silver acting as an accent on one or two layers. Or, be a little alternative and adventurous and select shades like copper, bronze, or an illuminating rose-gold for a modern twist. “The most on trend techniques at the moment are with flecks of gold or silver leaf,” Fraser explains. “Another method is hand painting patterns with metallic edible paints and utilising metallic spray on florals and greenery.”

When choosing copper, Fraser advises to use a minimal amount when incorporating it into your cake. “Copper leaf is unsafe when consumed in large quantities. This can sometimes be difficult to explain when it is seen on a cake design,” Fraser says. Choosing a gold or silver leaf instead can really make your cake stand out. “I also love creating textures with sprinkles or edible confetti and painting over this with metallic paints, which creates a nice depth to your cake. Full-tier coverage is very effective to give that ‘wow’ factor, as is small flecks for a touch of glam,” Fraser highlights. If you are on a budget, you can still incorporate metallics into your wedding cake design. “Use them wisely and effectively to maximise their impact.”

Afternoon De-Luxe

Gold is the emblem of royalty and will undoubtedly add an essence of luxury to your design, but if you don’t want to go too over the top, you can embed small elements of gold into the design. There is so much you can do to an otherwise simple cake to make it stand out. Gold leaf foil takes the cake as Fraser’s favourite decoration. “I love working with edible twenty-four carat gold leaf foil. It really has a way of adding that extra special finishing touch to your cake.” Interestingly, gold leafing is actually made of real gold! It will always amount to at least twenty-one carats due to food safety regulations.

Edible gold leaf is also vegan and can transform the most basic cake into a masterpiece. The most common forms in which gold leaf is available are sheets and flakes. Work with your baker to decide which form will best suit your confectionaries. Flakes work well for small sweets like macaroons or cupcakes, while sheets can be taken advantage of for larger designs, and will offer a seamlessly luxe look. There is perhaps too much choice, but having choice when it comes to something as delicious as cake isn’t such a terrible predicament to be in!

There are so many miniscule details that can be imbued into cakes to make them pop. Metallic edible sequins add an element of glamour that is hard to miss, while tiers covered in gold cachous are more festive and ornamental. While glitter is a tool every child-care worker and parent dreads, edible glitter is an excellent material to use on a cake. The ties glitter has to childhood and fun will also remind your guests of their youth, a time many look back on with fond memories.

With Complements

Cakes have personality, with their towery heights and intricate detailing, and should reflect your own personality as well. If you don’t want the cake to look out of place, consider opting for a minimalistic look. “If you are using metallic accessories in your décor and want to incorporate metallic on your cake, keep to the same tones,” Fraser explains. “The smallest details, like the colour of your cake topper or cake stand, make all the difference.” If you’re after an elegant mystique, consider adding pearls and edible beads to your wedding cake. You could even match the beads to your dress for a more personable touch.

Wedding cakes look great when complemented with flowers. “I really love the idea of adding metallic paint to your florals or floral fillers,” Fraser suggests. “This can be done with metallic floral spray, or edible lustre dust mixed with rose spirit, to create an edible metallic paint.” Make sure you choose colours that contrast nicely with your metallic – your florals should stand out while being complementary.

Done And Dusted

Consider creating a personalised topper for your cake, too. You can arrange to have a monogram created, consisting of the letters of yours and your partners initials. If you’re not planning on changing your last name, just stick with your first names. You could also incorporate your wedding theme into your topper. For example, if you’re having your wedding on a boat, an anchor would make for an ideal symbol to place between your initials. Another idea is to arrange for your favourite quote to be made into a topper. You can really incorporate anything into your cake in one form or another, like miniature versions of you and your partner, and even your pets! You could also work with your baker to incorporate an heirloom piece that is significant to you.

Don’t forget to eat your cake! Some brides are so busy socialising with all the guests that they forget to put their feet up and enjoy the food. Your wedding day is a day you have spent months or even years planning. Remember to take the time to bask in all its glory, and to eat the delightful creations!