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Marvellous Mokume

Stephen Dibb Jewellery now specialises in Mokume Gane rings for bride- and grooms-to-be. Mokume Gane is a style of metalwork that is crafted to look like wood grain. This style is achieved through the layering of metals, which are then handcrafted into fine pieces of jewellery and other objects of wearable art.

This difficult technique was invented by the artisans of Japan and was originally used to decorate samurai swords. The team of expert jewellers at Stephen Dibb Jewellery researched this artform extensively, and applied their skills to combine ancient metal working techniques with ethically sourced Australian metals.

After a year of dedicated research and practice, the specialised jewellers at Stephen Dibb Jewellery have perfected this process, so that every ring has an unique, organic pattern and enticing colours. Clients can choose from a variety of metals, such as sterling silver, yellow, rose and white gold, to find a combination that works for them. Each ring is made to the highest possible quality and includes a complementary after-care program.

This successful range ensures a comfortable fit, with the joy of finding a beautiful and unique patterning on every ring.