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With so many styling and décor options available, it’s no wonder marquee weddings have surged in popularity. Here, Tijan Biner speaks with Pavel Chromy, managing director at Event Marquees, about how to successfully host a wedding beneath the stars.

Image Credit: We are Twine

As more couples choose to celebrate their nuptials in unconventional places, such as on a rural property, along the beach, or even in their own backyard, marquee weddings are a popular choice among engaged couples. “Marquees allow couples to get married and host
receptions at special places with sentimental value,” Chromy says. “More and more young people are embracing the freedom to choose from a large variety of services and products that offer a high level of personalisation.”

Marquee weddings also create a better connection between guests, which is vital in creating an exceptional event experience. To assist you in hosting a magical alfresco affair, Queensland Wedding & Bride has compiled some handy tips and tricks to consider during the planning process.

The Perfect Fit

Marquees are available in all sorts, shapes and sizes, so it’s essential to have a few key details of your wedding locked in before you start looking for one. The number of guests you intend on inviting, the style of your wedding, and the space available for your marquee will all contribute to the type of tent you choose.

It’s also important to consider what aspects of your wedding will be held in the marquee – will you host the entire evening in there, from pre-dinner drinks to the final dance? Or would you prefer to host canapés outside and invite guests inside the marquee for dinner? Before approaching a hire specialist, be sure to have these details confirmed to ensure you find a marquee that will perfectly complement the theme and concept of your wedding.

In terms of size, calculate your estimated requirements based on a square-metre-per-guest rule. If you’re hosting a sit-down soiree, Chromy says 1.5 square metres per guest will provide a comfortable amount of space, while 0.75 square metres is ideal for a cocktail-style event. You’ll also need to consider any additional space needed for

the dance floor, cake table, service bars, staging and lounging areas. “Providing a basic floor plan, which we can easily transform to a scaled layout, is an extremely helpful way to determine the optimal measurements,” Chromy says. “A fantastic feature of our marquees is that they are modular [in structure], so the size can be adjusted in the lead up to the wedding.”

Finally, along with the shape and size of the marquee, you’ll also have a variety of styles to choose from. From clear shelters to silk-lined tents, each marquee can be personalised and customised to suit the theme of your wedding. “Couples are enquiring about [all types of marquee styles], from tipis and clear-roof marquees, to Sperry tents and dome structures,” Chromy says. “It’s great that we can offer many different shapes and styles to be able to accommodate our client’s needs.” If you’re still unsure, jump online to see how certain marquees and tents have been styled or ask your supplier for photos from previous events to see which would best suit your wedding.

Take The Hire Ground

Marquee weddings are much more difficult to plan due to the amount of equipment that must be hired. “A marquee wedding is great fun to organise, however I do always tell couples not to underestimate the amount of work needed to get it all right,” Chromy says. “I highly recommend using a good event planner to guide you through the process of securing the location, choosing the trusted and proven suppliers, and maybe even managing the big day so you can focus on the small touches and details.”

Ensure you have dining tables and chairs accounted for if you’re opting for a sit-down dinner, or cocktail furniture for a stand-up reception. Tableware, such as plates, cutlery, glassware and napkins, must also be rented, as well as service bars and table décor. Similarly, consider hiring a few air-conditioning units if your nuptials will take place in the thick of summer, or heaters if you’re hosting a mid-winter wedding.

Starry-Eyed And Stylish

“A marquee is basically a blank canvas, so [everything] can be personalised, [such as the] shape, roof colour, lighting, floral arrangements and flooring,” Chromy says. “With such broad options available, the limitations of a marquee are only the imagination and, of course, the budget.”

Consider decorating your marquee with exquisite hanging floral installations, candles, festoon lighting or stunning table settings. Rustic-inspired décor will beautifully complement a marquee – think long banquet tables, wooden chairs, and rustic cutlery and crockery. Otherwise, consider a more classic theme with white tables, Tiffany chairs, and rose-gold, white or black crockery. Hanging floral installations and votive candle holders will create a wonderfully romantic ambience.

Preparation Is Key

Regardless of who you enlist or what colour scheme you implement, ensure you do your homework on the logistics behind planning a marquee wedding before making any decisions. Chromy also advises couples to familiarise themselves with industry experts before making any decisions. “The event and wedding industry is full of professional and dedicated people [who are] always happy to share their knowledge and experiences with young couples,” he says. “I highly encourage couples to get in touch with us, their wedding planners, and other selected suppliers. Ask as many questions as you like to find the best option for your special day.”

Whether you’re deciding on a style of tent or choosing tableware, enlisting industry professionals when planning a marquee wedding is a must. However, after all of the planning, construction and styling is over, we can guarantee one thing – as you’re sitting among your nearest and dearest on your wedding night, gazing up at the stars above, with a glass of prosecco in hand, you’ll wonder why you considered anything other than a chic marquee in which to celebrate your love.