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Elegant Options

Collaborating with International Couture Collections to supply exquisite bridal and bridesmaids’ gowns, this new, high-end addition to Carolann Bridal Wear has made gown shopping at the Springwood store that much easier. Newly supplied gowns from the CRUX collection emphasise polished lines, while incorporating subtle and dainty embellishments.

Each season, the design team behind the CRUX collection strives to create flawless and timeless collections for bridesmaids, flower girls, and brides, all with beautiful fabrics and with stylish detailing. Brides and bridesmaids of any size and body shape will find a gown that they will adore, as the CRUX collection is available in sizes 6 to 30.

Each design from this collection uses the highest quality material and is meticulously created to suit all brides. Whatever style of dress you’re after, Carolann Bridal Wear will have a gown that’s perfect for you.