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For the couple who isn’t afraid to eschew tradition, Tijan Biner explores a range of inventive and untraditional alternatives to the customary wedding cake, and there’s no fondant in sight.

Image Credit: Ben Clark Photography

The cutting of the cake may be the most integral aspect of a wedding day; it signifies the couple’s union and promise to love and provide for one another for rest of their lives. However, these days, couples are opting for innovative wedding day sweets that give ‘cutting the cake’ an entirely new meaning. With so many stunning takes on the multi-tiered, white-fondant variety – many of which leave out the cake entirely – you’re sure to find one that’ll hit the sweet spot.

Towers Of Treats

From miniature cannelés – small pastries layered to create the traditional French dessert croquembouche – to pretty parfaits, tiered treats are a wonderful alternative to the regular wedding cake. Consider cheesecake-filled mason jars, doughnut towers or mini pavlovas, which will look exquisite on your dessert table. Similarly, cookie cakes shaped as letters and love hearts is the new trend hitting the baking scene. Filled with cheesecake or cream patissiere and topped with fresh flowers, macarons, chocolate or meringue, they’ll appeal to everyone’s sweet tooth.

Forego cake stands and consider bite-sized brownies, cannoli, Belgian waffles or double-crust cream pies, as they’re all sturdy enough to
stack on their own. For a more delicate aesthetic, an assortment of fruit tarts or éclairs will look dreamlike on a tiered display stand. Plus, they can be displayed at the reception all night long since they don’t have to be formally cut or served.

Tiers Of Joy

There’s no need to cut the cake out altogether – a deconstructed cake, as seen at the royal wedding, will bring opulence to any table space. Featuring multiple cakes that match in colour, theme or design, it’s a relaxed and simple trend that’s

become extremely popular among modern-day engaged couples.

Comprising multiple cakes, often in varying flavours, this deconstructed take on the traditional tiered tower features different heights, designs and presentations. Why not make like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry by opting for a tasty lemon and elderflower sponge cake that’s slathered in buttercream and topped with fresh flowers? For a truly royal finish, place the tiers on golden platters and goblet-style cake stands.

While there’ll always be room for tradition in the wedding industry, deconstructed cakes are beneficial to couples looking for multiple flavour options or a budget-friendly design – not much decorating is needed, as the key features are the cakes themselves.

Sweetie Pies

Similar to a deconstructed cake, why not consider multiple pies in a range of flavours? For those who have a taste for tradition, opt for a much-loved cherry, apple or rhubarb pie. However, if you’re happy to experiment, consider inimitable flavours such as chocolate and peanut butter, pink lemonade or lemon meringue. Display each pie on a cake stand that complements your desired wedding theme, or incorporate platters in differing heights for a truly unique aesthetic.

Holy Crepe!

What could be better than a wedding cake made entirely of pancakes? Whether you’re a breakfast lover or simply just adore the sweet treat, a pancake or crepe stack is an original and delicious take on the traditional wedding dessert. Consider unique and tasty flavours such as caramelised peaches or lemon and poppy seed.

For an adults-only delicacy, opt for a tiramisu stack. Adding a dash of dessert wine and a shot of espresso coffee will create a moreish taste that will keep your guests going until the early hours of the morning. Finish with double cream and dark chocolate for a sinfully decadent dessert.

Eye Candy

Rather than choosing one standout feature on your cake table, consider a dessert station – it’s like a kid’s candy buffet, but a little more decadent. Your dessert station doesn’t need much to make a statement – think of unique ways to serve your treats and ensure your displays are original. Consider having less variety but plentiful quantities, which will allow you to perfect each dessert. At the end of the day, your dessert station should be seasonal, fresh and colourful, while still reflecting your style as a couple. For a wonderful trip down memory lane, why not include a childhood-favourite treat? Think s’mores, fairy floss or ice-cream sandwiches!

The wedding cake adds a beautiful finishing touch to any nuptials. Whether you’re after an extraordinary alternative to the customary wedding cake or a few unconventional offerings, ensure you enlist the help of a professional baker to bring your reverie to life. They will work closely with you to ensure each design is unique, delectable, memorable, and a true representation of your style as a couple.

From traditional tiered towers, deconstructed creations and cheese towers, to bite-sized confections and dessert tables, the cake – much
like the wedding itself – is incredibly personal. Your wedding day should be a beautiful reflection of you and your partner, so don’t get stuck comparing your style to someone else’s or settling for a trend that doesn’t suit your personalities!