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A Venue For You

Choosing a wedding venue can be challenging, especially if you’re looking to tie the knot in an atypical setting. Here, Leigh Marie Dodd discusses a few of the unique, non-traditional wedding venue options for you to consider before saying ‘I do’.

Image Credit: We Are Twine

There are so many things to consider for your big day – flowers, photography, travel arrangements, catering – the list can seem endless. On top of all this, you have to find the perfect location to exchange your vows and celebrate your commitment to each other. Here, Queensland Wedding & Bride explores a selection of venue styles to help you discover the perfect locale for your special day. After all, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so why not host it in a one-of-a-kind destination.

Revolutionising Venues

Currently on trend, industrial spaces are becoming quite a popular choice for contemporary weddings. The bare brick work, exposed roofing, and raw concrete floors provide the ideal blank canvas for you to let your creativity flourish. Let your personality shine through by focusing on lighting and stringing up plenty of fairy lights, emphasise particular accents, or mix it up with colourful, bold statement chairs. Alternatively, you can keep your styling simple to let the location speak for itself. These chic, urban spaces can influence other areas of your wedding such as your choice of styling, cuisine and music.

The generous sizing of industrial spaces makes them perfect for large wedding parties; the expansive ceilings provide a sense of spaciousness, so you won’t end up feeling cramped and enclosed. While large and open, industrial venues can also be transformed into ideal spaces for intimate gatherings. Look for converted factories and old breweries, which are packed full of character.

Abundantly Green

Plant lovers rejoice! If you’re looking to tie the knot surrounded by a lush jungle, why not hold your ceremony and reception in a plant nursery? The upside to this type of non-traditional wedding venue is that you can get away with minimal styling. Providing plenty of natural lighting, nurseries can add a bright and airy feel to the space, no matter the choice of plants or styling.

The type of plants you incorporate into your wedding depends largely on your wedding theme. Go minimalist with a few feature plants, or go all out, bringing the outdoors inside. If you’re looking to add some rustic charm to your special day, use large feature timber tables with simple floral centrepieces. Create a plethora of colour or use a delicate touch to create a tranquil contemporary haven. Try incorporating hanging foliage alongside floor plants to give the room depth.

Escape To The Country

Having a spectacular backdrop to your nuptials can make the day just that extra bit special. There’s something symbolic about the vast openness of a field, reminiscent of the life ahead of you and your partner. Beautiful roaming fields, country farms full of charm, a local scenic park or a stunning botanical garden are just some of the choices for a gorgeous outdoor wedding. This simple and elegant venue style also involves less decorating, so you can focus on other aspects of your big day.

It may also be wise to consider an alternative location in case of inclement weather. See if there’s a nearby farmhouse to keep the country charm alive, or invest in a large marquee to keep guests dry. Doing some research in the weeks leading up to the big event can be beneficial and take the pressure of yourself and your partner. Factor in the best months for this outdoor occasion and keep a watchful eye on the weather forecast to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Stylish Surrounds

An art gallery or museum can be the perfect setting for gatherings of all sorts while providing a quiet, intimate feel due to their reverent nature. A classic venue with a twist – you’re bound to feel inspired on your wedding day standing next to beautiful artworks or historical monuments. Set the ambiance by taking advantage of the mood lighting and opt for clear chairs and minimal styling. That way, the surrounds take centre stage – second to you and your partner, of course.

When it comes to hosting your nuptials in a gallery setting, you could even tie in your theme colours with the artworks. The Roof Terrace at Queensland’s Gallery of Modern Art provides spectacular city views for you and your partner to exchange your vows. The sophisticated, open-air reception space allows couples to truly embrace the Queensland climate, with options for a formal affair or a casual reception. Enquire beforehand to see what artworks and exhibitions are on display around the time you want to tie the knot. Who knows, you might learn something on the day, too.

Function And Sophistication

If you’re looking for a cool and quirky inner-city setting, a small wedding ceremony and reception could be held at your favourite café; these quaint settings can often double as a venue. You could even have a designated coffee station to give your guests a boost to continue the celebrations well into the night.

For bibliophiles, look at buildings that blend contemporary flair with rich history like the State Library of Queensland. Set amongst classic romantic tales that have stood the test of time, its high-vaulted ceilings and modern architectural features will add a touch of sophistication to your wedding day, without needing to resort to a traditional wedding venue. Tuck your guests away in one of the library’s many rooms or have your guests venture out onto the library’s terrace to celebrate your commitment.

Of course, there are other unique wedding venues for you to consider that could truly make your day unforgettable. If the weather is in your favour, celebrate your nuptials in a relaxed setting as you sail up the Noosa River on the M.V. Catalina. Elope in style with a private gathering of close friends and family along the gorgeous white beaches of the Whitsundays. Say ‘I do’ in front of the grandeur of the Brisbane City Hall, or visit the Gold Coast Hinterland to find the perfect tropical oasis. If you’re still struggling to settle on a venue, follow your heart and choose a location that is meaningful to you and your partner.