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Embellish Yourself

With so much inspiration to draw from the many stylists and trends of Queensland, applique can add an exclusive air to elegant dresses. Sally O’Brien details the many styles of embellishment available to enhance and personalise your bridal wear.

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Brisbane has always been a fashion forward city, known worldwide for its casual, chic vibe and confident, colourful attire; a style that celebrates the cheery, sunny climate and effortless individualism. It’s no wonder that bridal boutiques are eager to tailor embellishments to suit your distinct personality and give you that thrilling red-carpet moment as you turn heads walking down the aisle. Brides are moving away from traditional vibes and aiming for a standout, timeless creation to be remembered. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start in the pursuit of a truly individual gown.

After deciding on a wedding dress cut that allows you to feel your most glamorous – whether it’s a demi-romantic soft flowing skirt or a formfitting dress with bold cut outs and clean lines – introducing applique can provide that element of high-quality detailed texture, and add a striking visual element to your modern style. Applique is a fabulous way to create a stylish aspect of individualism to an already elegant dress. Don’t be afraid to tailor your wedding dress with unique additions to be as beautiful and one of a kind as you are on your special day! Whether you’re looking for bold texture choices or delicate and luxurious embellishments, Queensland Wedding & Bride explores contemporary bridal embellishment trends to make your dress exclusive and allow you to feel your most glamorous.

Floral Festivities

Lacy floral detailing adds a feminine touch of texture and can bring lavishness to any wedding dress. Elevating the simple white hue of most bridal fashion, embroidered stitching and lace patterns are a timeless bridal feature. From the classic elegance of Chantilly lace to the stunning textile of Alencon, floral and patterned lace applique can offer a beautiful and versatile addition to your gown, shoes or veil, and add an undeniably romantic element. If you’re interested in a bolder option, attaching 3D fabric flowers with handcrafted petals may be the way to go. A distinctive use of applique, you could apply the blooms and leaves across your sleeves and bodice to gradually fade into your skirt.

If you’re not feeling confident about the plunging neckline of your dress or if you would like to add some statement Renaissance-style sleeves for a romantic bohemian style, consider discussing floral applique and alterations with your bridal boutique or seamstress. Many bridal boutiques offer in-house alteration services and can customise your gown to add a unique touch to your dream dress. A soft floral sash or the addition of longer lace sleeves to match the pattern of a lace veil could be more achievable than you’d think.

Sparkling Sensation

Jewelled and crystal embellishment is an excellent option to truly dazzle your guests on your big day as you twirl across the dancefloor. Crystals can be used to add a subtle touch of twinkle, and can be particularly impactful if used to accentuate patterns within your dress. This could be as simple as adding a crystal or pearl to each flower for a soft and subtle element of luxury. Sparkling details could also be used as a bold feature; covering your bodice in embellishments can inspire a glittering princess feel. Likewise, by adding a pattern of beading across your neckline or sleeves, a simple gown can be transformed into a textured masterpiece.

When donning your most fabulous finery, it can be difficult to create a harmonious aesthetic with your beautiful bridal dress. A matching element, such as a cohesive style or colour, can inspire that effortlessly put-together aesthetic that is so intrinsic to Queensland style. Sparkling high-quality gemstones can be attached on your bodice to mesh with your hairpiece, or at the end of your train for an elegant detail that falls gracefully behind you. You’re always going to shine on your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to add sparkle with embellishments and applique.

A Splash Of Colour

For a modern and memorable touch to your wedding dress, consider choosing a coloured applique! While the traditional and common choice for a wedding gown is a shade of white, many bridal boutiques are now offering different hues for brides looking to stray from the norm and stand out from the crowd.

Coloured applique is a fun and quirky way to tie in with the colour scheme of your florals, or better match your partner’s suit and step away from the usual monotony of the monochrome black and white. Consider adding die-cut lacy florals in soft romantic hues like blush pink or powder blue; or, for a more striking aesthetic, attach some metallic beading or sequins in silver, gold or bronze for an ethereal feel. Coloured applique can be as muted and subtle or bright and bold as you desire, so if you’re looking for a pop of excitement on your wedding dress, consider adding a memorable touch of your favourite colour.

Australian fashion is all about exhibiting and embracing your unique style with modern cuts and luxe details, and our wide range of bridal boutiques and wedding dress trends really display this. Tailoring your dress, and not shying away from applique, is a great way to individualise your wedding dress and ensure that you are adorned in the perfect gown for you and your guests to Pixel Punk Pictures fondly remember forever.