Image Credit: Pixel Punk Pictures

Image Credit: Pixel Punk Pictures

Designing With A Difference

Sculptural rings can allow couples to break the mould of traditional styles, while reflecting their personal tastes in a unique way. Olivia Morffew speaks with Stephen Dibb, owner of Stephen Dibb Jewellery, about how this trend is reshaping the way couples think about engagement and wedding rings.

While traditional wedding ring styles have a place in the heart of many, this trend is slowly being overtaken in favour of exclusive, bespoke rings. These pieces can showcase your personal taste or pay homage to your heritage. There is always a gemstone, metal, and style that will suit your love story and embody the journey you and your partner have been on. Here, Queensland Wedding & Bride provides an in-depth look at the favoured, unique options available.

Selecting Stones

One of the quintessential ways of telling your story is through stone selection. Choosing to go down the route of coloured stones can enhance your wedding ring while adding a personal touch. The inclusion of gemstones gives you and your partner the opportunity to personalise your ring and can represent the different facets of your relationship, while taking a sustainable and ethical approach. “We are seeing a trend towards the use of alternative stone shapes and colours,” Dibb says. “We delight in making designs featuring anything – from the more traditional bows, flowers and hearts, to skulls, gaming controllers and spirit animals.”

Expressing your relationship in this way can create different meanings. For instance, sapphires can be used to symbolise a love for the ocean, and the use of emeralds can be a signifier for nature and the outdoors. Stones can also be an elegant way to mark important milestones, “some [couples] will have a diamond for each year together, others will have different coloured metals to represent the different phases of their relationships,” Dibb says. “Those with children may have a gemstone for each child.”

The Magic Of Metal

Another unique way to express yourself and your beloved is through the selection of metals. Couples can pay homage to their heritage with traditional symbols and shapes, such as Maori Koru inspired rings. A personal favourite of Dibb’s are Mokume Gane rings. “The metal is fused and worked to create an organic pattern similar to wood grain,” Dibb explains. “It is a traditional Japanese technique made new again with precious metals that are ethnically sourced.”

If you and your partner have different tastes in metal, fusing them together in a single ring could be another way to symbolise your relationship. “By using two-tones of metal, we can feature different aspects of the design,” Dibb says. Rings can have alternating shapes in different metals or have the two different coloured metals alongside each other in perfect harmony. Combining two metals together will set your ring apart from others, putting a modern twist on a timeless design. This method of customisation allows you to truly personalise your wedding or engagement ring. “Sculptural designs are perfect for those who love to express themselves and reject the uninspired, mass-produced, poor-quality alternatives.”

Discuss your options with your jeweller to ensure your ring stands the test of time. “The wrong metal or design can mean that the precious engagement ring wears away, and can even result in the loss of its diamond,” Dibb explains.

A Note On Nesting

Nesting bands have become another popular ring trend in recent years. These stackable works of wearable art can be paired with your beautiful wedding or engagement ring. Nesting rings are typically designed to curve around your engagement or wedding ring to create a flawless pairing. Available in various shapes, sizes and colours, these rings can be a stunning addition, “they allow for a continuing story where you add to your stack of nested rings at a significant time of your life,” Dibb says.

If you decide on a two-toned engagement ring, you can incorporate nesting rings made from both metals to create a subtle or bold statement, while maintaining a cohesive and elegant style. Wearing nesting rings in this way allows you to customise the way your rings are presented each day, as some couples add a nesting ring for each anniversary milestone. Creating unique combinations with different nesting rings is a creative and clever way to create a look that is unique to you.

Refashioned Luxe

If you and your partner have wedding and engagement rings that have been in each other’s family for generations, you can have them melted down to transform an antiquated design into something new. This method extends to the resetting of old jewels and stones. Repurposing older pieces of jewellery is also an eco-friendly approach to jewellery design, as there’s minimal impact on the environment and labour used in these exquisite creations.

Melting down metals and refashioning jewels from old, family rings can add sentimental touch to your engagement or wedding ring. Your rich, family history will remain in the repurposed ring, which symbolises you and your partner’s union. To create the best ring possible, work closely with your jewellery designer to ensure your wedding and engagement rings are perfectly executed.

Whether you decide on a ring that fuses two metals together or opt for a series of gemstones to reflect your relationship, there are many ways to create a ring that is not only unique, but perfect for you. With an abundance of options to choose from, couples are spoilt for choice when it comes to making a symbolic engagement ring and wedding sets.