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How would you describe your philosophy on health and fitness? “It comes from my background in martial arts. Consistency and discipline are important to achieve results, but just like the martial arts belt ranks, you need to break your goals down into smaller steps – no one earns their black belt overnight. Mindfulness is really important, too. To make a lasting change, you must first train the mind before you can train the body.”

What inspired you to enter the fitness industry? “It’s in my blood. When I was three, I started holding pads for my dad who was a professional taekwondo fighter – he taught me how to hold the pads and how to kick. My parents also ran Australia’s first full-time taekwondo centre. I loved watching them teach their students in the dojang; parents and kids would train together, families were happy, people were – and still are – so pumped to come to class. This is what inspired me. I, too, wanted to help people feel happy and good about themselves.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your experience on The Biggest Loser? “It was incredible! I loved working with the other trainers and the contestants were really tenacious. The show challenged me as a trainer to be creative, as the shoots were long. When you’re training the same people for seven months, seven days a week, you need variety to keep everyone motivated. I also loved the transformation – not only physically, but also in their confidence and lives. Many of my girls went on to have children when they couldn’t before. I’m honestly so proud of them all.”

Then came TIFFXO. How did the program become so successful? “After The Biggest Loser, I was being contacted by so many people who wanted me to train them, but living in Melbourne restricted how many people I could help. I couldn’t be everywhere at once! So, I took a huge leap and created TIFFXO – an online fitness program available to everyone. “My members receive an online planner with all their meals, workouts and mindfulness set out for them every day. It’s designed to be super easy and stress-free. TIFFXO includes fun and guided 20-minute workouts, such as HIIT, FIGHTER, Tone and bonus Tiff challenges, as well as thousands of recipes with a special swap option. There are also podcasts, meditations, and coaching from the TIFFXO clinical psychologist, Cass Dunn. “When it comes to 24/7 support, the exclusive Facebook community is incredible – it’s been the heart of the program. I’m able to talk to my members every day, answer their questions and keep them motivated. I think TIFFXO is a huge success because it’s real; I deliver the workouts to camera and sweat with my members. They love the fact that it feels like I’m in their living rooms – it has that personal training feel.”

How can engaged couples benefit from TIFFXO? “In just three months, you can transform your body, lifestyle and mindset. My three-month plan is ideal for couples who want to feel fit, strong and confident on their wedding day. I know wedding planning can be stressful, so all my workouts can be done at home, anytime, without equipment – you only need 20 to 30 minutes! The food is super easy and fast to prepare. Plus, you don’t have to cook twice for yourself and your partner – one meal will satisfy both of you, I promise! “There are also budget meal plans, which can really help when you’re paying for a wedding. And to stop you from becoming a bridezilla, the weekly meditations and mindfulness tools will help you deal with all the stress. Together, couples can create healthier-ever-after habits.”

How important is it for engaged couples to keep a healthy mind during, and after, the wedding planning process? “Wedding planning can be stressful. Mindfulness will keep you clear-headed and in control during this hectic time. Mindful tips will help you with everything from relationships, creating boundaries in communicating and dealing with anxiety and stress.”

How far in advance should engaged couples commence training and eating well in preparation for the big day? “Three months if you want to change your lifestyle and achieve real, long-lasting results.”

Is it more effective for couples to train and eat well together? “It’s a personal preference. I love the support from my partner, but sometimes brides like to have their own space and ‘me time’. When it comes to cooking, it’s way more fun as a team. I love cooking with Ed – the household runs smoother if you both help with the groceries, meal planning and preparation.

What are some of your favourite exercises that would be ideal for busy brides- and grooms-to-be? “I believe there is no better training than martial arts movements, as they burn fat while building lean definition. Boxing combos with straight punches, uppercuts and hooks will tone the upper body, which is perfect for brides’ backless wedding dresses or grooms in broad-shouldered suits. Add some front kicks for toning the butt and side planks for flattening the stomach, and you’ll have your dream body in no time.”

Let’s talk about balance. Should couples give themselves a treat day every once in a while? “Absolutely! There are so many exciting celebrations in the lead up to the big day. Stick to the 80/20 rule and you won’t miss out on a thing. During the week, stick to the program as closely as you can, and on weekends enjoy a few treats. In the final three weeks, you may want to be more 90/10 to reach your goals. Remember, deprivation isn’t healthy. Have fun, enjoy your celebrations, and reset the next day with a TIFFXO workout and meal.”

After the wedding is over, how can couples maintain their weight and fitness levels? “Use my program as a lifelong guide. Encourage each other, cook together, and remember that everything in moderation is fine. If you feel your fitness has slipped, join TIFFXO again. I’m always here to help you feel and look healthy and happy.”

For more information on the program, visit www.tiffxo.com